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Beechview Breaker Swim Team!

Beechview Breakers,

Beechview Breaker Swim Team

Hello Breakers! Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last week. There is an overwhelming amount of information in this email. We are asking for your patience with us during this unprecedented time, if we missed something or overlooked a detail as we had to restructure our entire team and season. Take your time and as always let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

NSSL Update

In an interesting turn of events the NSSL has decided to hold a non-competitive season. This means we will not have any NSSL sanctioned meets. We know that this information may be upsetting to many of you, especially our older swimmers. We sympathize with you….. This decision was made for the safety of all of our swimmers and families. The risk was too great to even hold in-house meets this season.

So what does this mean for our team? We will still have our team! We will hold daily practices and focus on building our swimmers specific skills. Our coaching staff is very excited about this opportunity to work with your swimmer on their individual strokes and skills. However, as the season progresses state restrictions may change. We may consider holding a virtual meet with another club or have timed trials if it’s safe enough for our families. Let’s remember -- we can continue to build our team and community during this time. We hope you will swim with us! We will keep you posted as those discussions unfold throughout the season.

Safety Procedures

Please reference the attached document in this email to review the safety procedures.

Practice Times

Practice will begin Monday, June 15th. The practice times will be released for your swimmer after registration has been completed or ASAP. This will be communicated via email prior to June 15th. The practices will be 50-minutes each with a 10-minute transition time in between practices. There will be 5 different practice slots. All practices will take place in the morning between 7:00 am and 11:30 am. Coach Dave will assign each swimmer a specific lane on the first day of practice. All safety procedures are provided in the link attached in this email.

Registration Link

Registration fees for this season only will be $125 for your first and second swimmer. If you have a third, fourth, or fifth swimmer, their cost will be $105. Please keep in mind, we lost all of our income for the season. The fees above are strictly to pay for our coaches time.

Payment - Esoft

This season only, please use Esoft to complete your registration by submitting your payment no later than Friday, June 19th. Any questions our concerns please contact the swim chairs at

Club Dues

Please remember that your Club Due must be paid in full to participate this season. Any questions please contact our treasurer at

Pre-Team Update

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a pre-team this season due to the restricted training times. We hope you understand and are very saddened with this decision. If your swimmer competed last year as an 8 and under they are welcomed to as one this year as well. Please know, our coaching staff will take extra care of our little ones in the pool.

Locker Room

The locker rooms and showers are not allowed to be used for the time being. Bathrooms are accessible to swimmers. However, we ask that you have your swimmer use the restroom at home prior to practice.



The club will provide each 12 and under swimmer with a kick board that is to be brought to practice each day. Please provide a post dated check for $20 on the first day of practice for the kick board. Your check will be returned once the board is turned in at the completion of the season. If you have your own equipment you are welcome to use that.

Swim Suit and Cap

A team suit or cap is not required. However, if you need a suit or cap for the summer, you may purchase them at the link below. The suits will arrive 7 days after the closing date. The swim caps will arrive at our club 7-10 days after the closing date of June 14th. Additional swim equipment is available as well. Of course, this is all optional.

password: gobvsc

Private Lessons

Our coaches will be available for private lessons from 12:00-2:00pm daily. Please contact them for rates and availability. A binder will be available

Special Events

Some special events we are hoping to have will include but are not limited to:

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings is hosting a fundraiser for our team on Sunday, June 28th. 20% of the sales will be donated back to our team.
  2. Senior Day Celebration/PotLuck.
  3. Potential Relay Race Competition (at the end of the season)

Lap Swim

We will be offering adult lap swim again for members only Monday - Friday from 6:00am to 6:50am (we need to allow for transition time). Same safety procedures will be required. Michelle Axe will be coordinating this! Please email her for questions Ideally this will begin Monday, June 15th.

Thank you to everyone for our patience and understanding during this time. We are so excited to begin our fun season together! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask

Jaime and Jana

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